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The Process

Always a client-driven process, working with Great Circle Associates looks different depending on specific needs and business objectives. Assignments are generally immersive experiences over various periods of time. We define the parameters of every project—be it an executive coaching or a strategic advisory initiative—to include measurable, time-bound objectives that are aligned with the strategic priorities that clients are accountable to deliver.

Advisory and coaching work is guided by a proprietary change at core™ model, refined over more than 20 years of envisioning, planning for and executing disruptive strategies. The five-point model features, among other outcomes, the mitigation of transitional disruption while allowing for:

  1. The creation of crystal-clear clarity and a shared understanding of the what, the why and the how relating to the planning and execution of disruptive strategies
  2. Proactive outreach and collaboration with all stakeholders, especially those whose priorities may not be aligned with the agenda for change
  3. The celebration of early wins, as small as they might seem, to build momentum toward the achievement of breakthrough results
  4. Inevitable course-correction needs to openly and candidly share lessons learned toward the generation of higher levels of trust, innovation and teamwork
  5. The internalization and creation of a laser focus on the concept that what gets measured, gets managed and what gets well-managed leads to breakthrough results

A highly customized and informed approach to navigating significant shifts from the status quo is right around the corner. Contact Great Circle Associates today to learn how we can help.

Great Circle Associates’ Role

No matter what the circumstances, results are immediate and sustained when Great Circle Associates’ role is structured to include:

Measurable Outcomes

Client-owned, measurable, time-bound objectives and outcomes

Breakthrough Results

The use of strategic assessment tools to inform the identification and development of relevant business and organization strategies, along with critical-path individual- and team-leadership skills and competencies, that can position clients for breakthrough results

Just-in-Time Strengthened Leadership Skills

A process of “shadowing” clients through here-and-now, often-strategically, operationally and individually disruptive business and organizational changes that may also call on the leadership skills they seek to leverage, and those they seek to strengthen

Stakeholder Buy-in

Strategizing stakeholder buy-in propositions and other forms of critical-path communications

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