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Great Circle Associates enables organizations, teams and individual leaders to break from the shackles of the status quo. Working with clients, we facilitate the integrated development of business, organizational, communications and risk mitigation planning and implementation when significant departures from the current state are required. We also coach leaders who are at significant inflection points in their careers. All work is organized and delivered to lead to measurable ROI and the realization of significant increases in individual and organizational efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and innovation. Assignments can be structured in the following formats:

Executive Coaching

We coach clients in a variety of situations that involve significant departures from the status quo in their businesses and careers. We enable clients to actualize their full potential at implementing change at core™. We shadow clients through here-and-now challenges and swiftly render strategic solutions. We focus on positioning clients to exceed their own expectations and those of key stakeholders. Examples of challenges we have addressed include:

  • Lack of deep experience leading transformational change
  • Difficulty achieving organizational buy-in to break from the status quo
  • Individual career and organizational planning related to changes in ownership such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and IPOs
  • Transitions to new roles
  • Positioning for expansion of leaders’ portfolios of responsibility focused on 18-month timeframes

Strategic Advisory

Great Circle Associates can facilitate the creation and execution of business, organizational, communications and risk mitigation planning when significant changes from the status quo are required, taking advantage of lessons learned throughout 20 years of operating experience in such situations. Change at core assignments we’ve supported include:

  • The elimination of operational and organizational redundancies and inefficiencies
  • The need to position an entity for a financial transaction
  • The development and launch of new generations of products, services and/or distribution channels
  • The elimination of stressors on operating infrastructures brought on by rapid revenue growth
  • The need for rapid response in the event of game-changing market developments

Interim Leader

We can parachute in to lead teams through periods of significant—if not disruptive—departures from the status quo, with responsibility for envisioning disruptive strategies and/or planning and executing all aspects of implementation. Much of the focus includes the development of high-performing teams that are characterized by high levels of trust, commitment, results focus, accountability and the ability to constructively address conflict.

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