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9 Cultural Norms That Foster Continuous Change and Improvement, Part V: The Need for Change Masters’ Commitment to Transparent Communications

“The best way to prove the clearness of your mind, is by showing its faults; as when a stream discovers the dirt at the bottom, it convinces us of the transparency and purity of water.” In part five of my series, “9 Cultural Norms That Foster Continuous Change and Innovation," we look at Transparent Communication. ​Studies show that great leaders…

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9 Cultural Norms That Foster Continuous Change and Improvement, Part III: Resiliency

“Resilience often entails responding well to an external event. Adaptability moves us from enduring a challenge to thriving beyond it. We don’t just “bounce back” from difficult situations – we “bounce forward” into new realms, learning to be more adaptable as circumstances evolve and change….” (McKinsey). How can we create corporate cultures that enable a shared and agile approach to…

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9 Cultural Norms That Foster Continuous Change and Innovation, Part II: Results Focus

The second in a series featuring seven cultural norms that foster continuous change and innovation, this post empowers you to harness the power of a results-focused culture. For a quick review, the seven cultural norms whose inculcation are most predictive of the successful execution of disruptive departures from the status quo follow: Unwavering Commitment Results Focus Resiliency Innovative Thinking &…

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Developing Great Change Agents

“Growth is painful.  CHANGE is painful.  But nothing is as painful as staying somewhere you don’t belong” – Mindy Hale Welcome to my second article about great Change Agents. My first article described the profile of great (vs good) Change Agents. This article speaks to the leadership skills and competencies a good Change Agent should develop to become the heart…

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Acknowledging and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

This is the second of two consecutive posts describing the vagaries of impostor syndrome. Picking up where I left off regarding its prevalence (send me an email at if you’d like a copy of the earlier post), the following are 8 coping strategies that have worked for me—and can work for you too! Recognize the impostor phenomenon when it…

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The Shackles of Imposter Syndrome

Welcome to the start of the 2021 holiday season—a time for celebration and reflection. Speaking of reflection, when was the last time you worried about meeting expectations? Or you credited luck for your accomplishments? Or felt like other people were overestimating you—secretly fearing that people would find out you’re not as capable as they thought you were? Does any of…

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