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Great Circle Associates was founded with a single purpose:  To enable the rapid, well executed implementation of sustainable change at core -- that which is necessitated by the adoption of strategic decisions aimed at breaking from the status quo.  The firmís value proposition takes advantage of more than 25 years, of its founderís experience and track record at the planning for and execution of complex business and organizational change in rapidly shifting and volatile environments. How?

A client owned and driven process, we plot and navigate the most direct route Ė often not the most obvious -- to the desired end state.  We follow a seven-step approach (see "Implementation Process"), incorporating the founder's lessons learned over more than 25 years, leading and managing the implementation of strategic decisions aimed at breaking from the status quo. 

Clients can expect:
  • A metrics driven plan for implementation toward the realization of the desired end state
  • Speed and quality of execution, emphasizing the avoidance of business interruption and the readiness to course correct
  • Laser focus on short term, business-as-usual financial and operating objectives in parallel with the orderly but rapid transition to the desired end state
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